The week of Love

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Hello people

Not sure how you all feel about Valentine’s ? but for me it is lovely just to think about all the people that you love and the people that love you, in a relationship or not, it is a nice feeling and keeping it simple with chocolate or flowers is lovely, I know that it is a commercial holiday, but anything that can make us appreciate the greatest gift in life is worth it. So to spread the love even further we have decided to give a 15% discount to all of you lovely subscribers, enter the code ‘midterm15’ into the coupon code at checkout to receive your discount, this discount is only available on line and just for the weekend. It is also for all the mammies out there who have kids at home all day and need a treat, ( best used with a glass of wine)

We were off on some travels this week, battled through the very slippy roads to just barely make an early flight to London. I forgot how much I love London, obviously it was work and very tiring, but we secured the labels that we were out to get and sourced some fantastic new shoe labels too. Snuck in a lovely meal and 1 Gin and Tonic.

So short and sweet this week, Happy shopping, talk next week